• An Overview of NUMSS Admissions to Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program

    Thank you for your interest in the 100% online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS). Our Admissions department is eager to help you in any way we can. We invite you to contact NUMSS and ask us any questions you may have. All DBA classes are online on-demand & in English. The business video lectures are available on-demand online through internet or they may be watched on a TV screen by using the optional portable hard drive that could be shipped to students. Campus attendance is not required for the DBA program and students from every corner of the world are eligible to apply and study at the comfort of their homes.

    Why Choose DBA?

    Because the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the ultimate business degree for the working professional. DBA gives professionals the advanced business knowledge and applied practical skills they require to rise to a leadership position in their current organization, make a career change or start a business of their own. Unlike a PhD (which is more theoretical & typically emphasizes the discovery of new knowledge), a DBA emphasizes practical skills & research while enhancing knowledge that is directly applied to person's career and the real world of business. A DBA offers many opportunities which equates to increased income & earning power, whether it be rising the ranks to more executive positions, founding/managing a thriving business or simultaneously filling several successful roles (for example, working as an instructor, consultant & applied researcher concurrently). The DBA program sharpens your decision-making and leadership skills, broadens your knowledge of both theory and applied research, and helps you gain the experience you need to manage positive change within your organization in order for it to thrive.

    Why Choose to Study DBA at NUMSS?

    NUMSS Doctor of Business Administration was designed for the working professionals to become leaders in their chosen professions. Our DBA curriculum is applied, skill based, comprehensive, wellrounded, rigorous and continuously updated to reflect current business trends and best ethical practices. This is a unique DBA program like no others in the world. It is designed specifically to rely less on theory and more on applied knowledge that can be used right away by the working professionals. You learn unique, revolutionary, innovative, practical, and creative business ideas that can be easily implemented in your organization to assure continuous growth.

    Admission Prerequisites

    NUMSS 100% online DBA program takes two full time semesters (one year) to be completed for all students. Advanced credits are not allocated to anyone. Accelerated program is not available for this degree. The DBA is a professional post graduate degree and as such requires prior university level education. Health professionals with a doctoral level education (such as osteopaths (with DO or master level degree), physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists (with a master level degree or higher), optometrists, psychologists (with master level or PhD), podiatrists, pedorthists (with master level degree), athletic therapists (with master level degree), naturopaths (with doctoral degree), dentists, & pharmacists) are eligible to apply. Professionals with any master level degree in any fields (such as art, science & business) are eligible to apply. Accountants & lawyers are eligible to apply. Professional engineers (P.Eng) and engineers with a master level degree or higher are eligible to apply. Those with a bachelor level degree in any fields (art, science, business) must apply for the dual degree MBA/DBA program which takes one year to complete. Health professionals with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, osteopathy, ergonomics, athletic training, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, audiology & kinesiology must apply for the dual degree MBA/DBA which takes one year to complete. Engineers with a bachelor level degree (non P.Eng) must apply for the dual degree MBA/DBA program which takes one year to complete.

    Curriculum for the Doctor of Business Administration (1 year FT, 1120 hours total - 560 hours per semester)

    1st Year(1st Semester) 1st Year(2nd Semester)
    BM101 Advanced Business Management LC102 Leadership Communications & Information Systems Management
    CF101 Managerial Corporate Finance & Accounting SE102 Creative Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    DM101 Organizational Behavior, Decision Making & Strategizing MM102 Advanced Marketing Management
    EL101 Executive Leadership & Integrated Coaching HM102 Healthcare Management
    IA101 Financial Investment Analysis & Management TH102 Thesis & Research Project